Paulina Barahona | Contact
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I currently see clients in my private practice, located at Lomas de Chapultepec, in Mexico City. I also provide online therapy (Skype, FaceTime) with clients who live in other countries.

Session Length

60 minutes


Session Frequency

Session frequency is defined in collaboration with each client, depending on what he or she needs to work on. Sesion frequency varies greatly; when a client is experiencing a crisis he or she can take up to two sessions a week, in other cases clients only attend therapy once a month.
The overall length of the therapeutic process also varies: it can last anywhere from one session, in the case of counseling to solve specific concerns- up to 12 sessions, if what the client needs is psychotherapy.

Payment method:
Cash, check or PayPal.




Contact Information
Phone number: +5215543137023

Instagram: @thebrieftherapist

Facebook: The Brief Therapist